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LaRease N. Rollins

LaRease Rollins Headshot.jpg

LaRease Rollins is a Human Resources Manager at a Fortune 500 company and the

owner of Become, LLC. Dr. LaRease is also active in community organizations that

address literacy, healthcare, and STEM education. She is also a board member of

JANRAH – a college preparation and empowerment program for girls of color.


Dr. LaRease’s dissertation research focused on the career development of African

American males, particularly looking at definitions of success and the impact of mentoring on career development. She continues to use this research as a base in working with people to guide and focus their careers and prepare them to enter corporate America or to make career transitions.


Ph.D of Organizational Behavior

M.B.A. of Management Information Systems

B.A. of Psychology

Board Member of J.A.N.R.A.H.

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